Warning to all Music goers, do not use Viagogo!!!

Well what can I say, this company is truly shady. I have complained about my experience greatly and have commented on the usual review sites and yes I got the normal “can I have your transaction ID so we can look into your query” I then got the “apologies for your experience this is not a usual experience” How does that help me or its customers. Why is the customer service department so slow to respond to emails and phone calls yet the if you complain on review sites they are quick to respond? It occurred to me that this is public form and that they care more about what people see them doing as opposed what they do. It is therefore my primary objective to reveal the true Viagogo and make sure people see and understand who they really are.

This is no longer about my personal experience but about what the company does, we all saw the Great Scandal that uncovered how they operated but there is plenty more out there to see.

Please help spread the word and hopefully we can get this site which will list all the terrible findings visible to people who just want their tickets!


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