Viagogo has a legacy of untrustworthy behaviour…………….

You would think that Viagogo would have learnt from previous exposure of its ethics.Not only does Viagogo deceive the public with inflated prices, it has a reputation for breaching the terms contracts it has with tour providers.

In 2009 AEG (Michael Jackson’s tour promoter) allocated Viagogo 7% of tickets to this concert with contract terms preventing them of “bulk sales and volume discounts”.
Guess what, Viagogo breached this contract! See full article

The point of Viagogo is to provide a safe environment for people to buy and sell tickets to prevent these tickets getting into the hands of touts.
But Viagogo are the touts we should be looking out for. They over charge us because they only care about how much money they make.

We need to spread the word about Viagogo’s malpractice. If you have any bad experience regarding Viagogo, let me know, you will not be the only one.
It has been 3 years since this article, I am sure they have continued to deceive all of us.


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