Touts never died, they just went online – ihateviagogo

Viagogo claim its website is for fans to exchange tickets with each other but the Channel 4 investigation (earlier this year) into online ticket touts uncovered Viagogo’s dodgy practices. As I have highlighted in my previous posts, Viagogo staff buy massive quantities of tickets for gigs and sell them at hugely inflated prices, so your tickets are not coming from fans.
This year Viagogo has bought 50,000 tickets for acts, sporting events and musical events including 9,000 Coldplay tickets, 3,000 Westlife tickets and 2,200 Rihanna tickets. These tickets would go for up to £1,344!!!
We need to spread the word and let people know that Viagogo are touts.


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    i hope you keep posting those wonderful articles, thanks a lot.

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