I found this complaint on viagogo.pissedconsumer.com

Look at this complaint over at viagogo.pissedconsumer.com

“I went to viagogo and paid £400 upfront in January for guaranteed tickets a Tom Petty concert. When it got to two weeks before the concert I tried to email and ring and was reassured that the tickets would be here in time for the show and that the delay was normal and down to the promoters and venue.
On the night before the show I was told that the seller had been instructed to upload my tickets for email by the day of the show and hadn’t so the tickets were being changed to a box office collection and £30 back or a full refund.

If they had been honest and given us some notice we could have sorted different tickets or at least not had the added insult of the trip and excitement just to have it dashed at the very end.

They hide behind and impossible customer service email and phone service and spout that your money is guaranteed as though that’s all that matters. They used my money to make money and left me no time to sort anything else. Absolutely disgusting!”
There are many comments like this online. We need to get our voices heard!


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  1. Heyheyhey says:

    Did u get the tickets in the end? Or your money back?

  2. Simon says:

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