Buying a ticket from Viagogo is the same as buying it from the black market


If you need more reasons to hate Viagogo, watch this video.!/  

Employees from Viagogo are buying tickets for concerts in advance, then hiding the name and price on this ticket so they can sell them at a much higher price to us!

They act like they are doing us a favour by giving us the best deal but in actual fact they are stealing money from us without us knowing.

If it is happening in Denmark, who says it is not happening in the UK and what else are they trying to hide from us.

Start watching the documentary from 20:00 (as it is mostly in English from here) you will see the interviewee confront a Danish man (who works for Viagogo) about hiding and changing the name and price on concert tickets. This is concrete  evidence of malpractice and it is ILLEGAL. Therefore Viagogo are deceiving us about the original price of tickets and tricking us to paying more.

It is so funny, watch Ed Parkinson the Director at Viagogo, squirm trying to answer questions about this. He can’t answer because he know that this is what Viagogo does on a daily basis.

Don’tbuy tickets from Viagogo!!! You will only pay more than it’s worth and the tickets will probably arrive late anyway.



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